Girl Tops


At POMPdeLUX we carry a wide range of tops for girls, whether you have a little toddler or a teenager in the house. Choose from cute blouses with ruffled sleeves, cool denim blouses, lovely long sleeve cardigans or warm sweatshirts. We have everything you’re looking for in adorable jumpers with fashionable and stylish designs. 

Girls will be girls

Whether your little girl gets excited about glitter and pretty dresses or jeans and blouses with cool details, you’ll find just the right outfits for her at POMPdeLUX. And when it comes to ruffled sleeves, print and glitter, the selection is almost endless. We love all the stylish details - and so will your little girl. 
POMPdeLUX children’s clothing is stylishly designed with a focus on functionality and freedom of movement. Your child shouldn’t just be well-dressed, but she should also feel comfortable in her clothes. Children’s clothing should both look good and encourage active play.

Tops for little girls

If you have a little girl at home, you’ll be charmed off your feet if you dress her in one of our lovely blouses with ruffled sleeves. Let her air her little arms and feel the warm rays of the sun. If it’s midday in the harsh sun, simply add a long sleeve soft cotton bodysuit. The fabric will help to protect her delicate skin from the sun. Choose from our variety of styles and colours.
You can also let your little girl air her legs in one of our trendy, lightweight dresses. It will make your child even more excited to get moving.