Girl Cardigans

POMPdeLUX Cardigans for girls

Give your girl a cardigan suitable for different occasions. A cardigan is difficult to live without, as it is easy to put on when the weather is chilly, and easy to take off if it suddenly becomes warmer.
That makes a cardigan an indispensable part of the perfect wardrobe for girls. It can be worn for both everyday life and special occasions - it is all just about how you wear it with the rest of your clothes. Explore our selection of cardigans for girls. You will find many beautiful colours that your daughter will love to wear.

Smart designs and excellent fits

At POMPdeLUX, we have put together a selection of gorgeous cardigans for both younger and older girls. Do you prefer a cotton cardigan? Or are knits just the thing? Whatever your preference, we have cardigans in both knits and cotton.
Common to them all is that they are super gorgeous to wear. They are soft and comfortable to wear and do not scratch or irritate the skin. They also leave room to move freely when playing.

Cardigans for girls - mix and match

With a cardigan in your girl's wardrobe, there is always a go-to-item. The cardigan can be worn over a nice dress or with a pair of trousers and a blouse. Regardless of how the cardigan is styled, it gives a particular twist to the look.
POMPdeLUX cardigans all have a modern design with fine details. This may be an embroidery or a cute button. Find your favourite cardigan from our selection, so you always have a piece of clothing that can be mixed and matched in different ways.