Girl Jumpsuits

POMPdeLUX playsuits for girls

With a smart POMPdeLUX playsuit, your daughter is dressed for a bit of everything. Whether for everyday life or a party, the occasion is always perfect for jumping into one of our gorgeous playsuits, which both look smart and are extremely comfortable for your daughter to wear. Who says that your daughter should not be smartly dressed for daycare or school?
Take a look at our selection of playsuits for girls here. There is something for everyone - and something for all ages. If your daughter picks out the clothes she wants to wear in the morning herself, let her help choose her favourite. Surely, her new playsuit will not be left in the closet for long.

Playsuits for all kinds of weather

A playsuit is easy to use for all occasions, but also in all kinds of weather. If it is cold outside, ask your daughter to wear a sweater and a pair of tights under her playsuit, and if it is a hot day, let her wear it without outerwear. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing. 

Functional and stylish playsuits for girls

If you have a daughter with ants in her pants, she needs to burn some of that energy. And a playsuit is no hindrance to that. Thanks to the soft material, as well as the great fit, our playsuits ensure that there is no tightness anywhere and provide both quiet and active girls with optimal freedom of movement.