Girl Sweaters

POMPdeLUX sweaters for girls

Treat your girl to a gorgeous warm sweater for her wardrobe – a must whether colder or warmer days are on the horizon. If you find a sweater on the site in your daughter's favourite colour, you can be sure that it will be first choice in her wardrobe.
On this page, you will find our wide selection of sweaters for girls. There is something for everyone, and you will easily find a sweater for your daughter's wardrobe which is convenient to wear over a thin blouse or a t-shirt. Bringing a warm sweater in the bag is always nice – even on warm days.

Warm sweaters for girls for cold days

What’s better than wearing a snug sweater when it is cold outside? Each POMPdeLUX sweater for girls is designed in a beautiful, soft material, which makes the sweater a real pleasure to wear.
All of our sweaters are designed with clever details which makes each sweater its own, and makes wearing it a breeze. If you wear the same size clothing as your girl, maybe you can borrow her new sweater from time to time?

A sweater for sports or everyday life?

A sweater is a brilliant invention. You choose whether you want to wear it with a pair of joggers for a sporty look, or with a pair of jeans or a skirt. A sweater can easily serve as a jacket on a cool day, and it is easy to tie around the waist or tuck in your bag on the go.