Underwear and nightwear

Girl Underwear and nightwear


On this page you’ll find POMPdeLUX’s super-cute collection of underwear and nightwear for girls. For very small sizes, we have a large selection of cute bodysuits, and for teenagers, we have stylish underwear and pretty pyjamas to choose from. Pamper your little girl with comfortable, fashionable underwear that will quickly become her first choice in the morning.

Comfortable underwear for girls

Dress your little girl in comfortable underwear made from lovely, super-soft material. Never underestimate the innermost layer - it’s the layer that is in contact with your child’s skin, day in and day out. With POMPdeLUX underwear, you give your child the best conditions for having a great day - without tightness or chafing under her clothes.
Our boxer briefs for girls are all made from top quality cotton to ensure maximum comfort for your little girl. The soft elastic waist makes sure that there’s plenty of room for little bellies. And perfect for just after snack time. 

Send your girl off to dreamland

Your little girl will adore putting on one of our super-soft nightdresses, and at the weekend she’ll love to wear it all day long. Girls love to dress up, and that also goes for nightwear. Because who says it’s not important to look good on the way to dreamland?
With a pretty nightdress or pyjamas from POMPdeLUX, your daughter will have the perfect nightwear to take along when she stays at a friend’s house or with grandparents. And it makes bedtime just that little bit cosier.