Girl Tops


Children love playing outside, and they should be able to do that whether it's summer or winter. With POMPdeLUX’s tops in wool, you can be sure that your girl will not get too hot or too cold when she plays outside. Wool can be used throughout the year, as it is a natural material which adjusts to body temperature.
A long sleeve T-shirt in merino wool is perfect for using as a vest in the winter. This prevents your girl from getting cold when she plays outside.

Merino wool for all seasons

Our lovely merino wool styles can be used for all seasons. During the winter months the clothes work perfectly under a snowsuit when the little ones are going out to play in the cold weather.
Merino wool is also fantastic in summer. The wool absorbs moisture and is temperature-regulating so the clothes can be used when the sun is high in the sky, protecting children’s delicate skin, as well as on cooler evenings in the garden.

Beautiful styles in soft merino wool

No more scratchy wool sweaters that bother your girl's skin. Merino wool is soft and comfortable to wear so you can easily dress your child warmly without protest. Our pieces in merino wool are available in both single-coloured and patterned designs so you can find a style for every occasion.