Boy Accessories

POMPdeLUX accessories for boys

When you have children, getting out the door will never be the same again. Now you no longer have to just get yourself ready. You also need to get the children into their clothes and outerwear. As long as your children are small, you cannot leave the house without a bag over your arm. A bag filled with extra clothes, diapers and changes for the little ones. 
At POMPdeLUX, we offer practical and spacious POMP bags which are indispensable for any mother with small children. These can hold all the necessary things you need to bring with you when you leave the house. The bags are made with a smart print, and their uses are endless. Use the bag as a shopping bag, a diaper bag or a weekend bag.

Accessories for boys and girls

If your boy is to spend the night with a friend, throwing his duvet, pyjamas and toothbrush into our POMP bag is easy. With the bag over his arm, he is ready to go, and when he is going home the next day, he can easily throw his things back into the practical bag. It does not matter if it rains when he is leaving. Our bags are made from a water repellent material.

Practical solutions for everyday life

Our bags can help you out in different ways in everyday life. If you are in the basement doing the laundry, throwing the clothes into the bag is easy, and if you need to transport used clothes to a flea market, they can also be thrown in the bag. With its handles, the bag is convenient and easy to carry, and the material is so thick, the bag can be easily put down on wet ground without the water getting in.