Boy Balaclavas

POMPdeLUX balaclavas for boys

Balaclavas is a great accessory in the wardrobe. Not only does the hat warm the ears, it also covers your child's neck. If you want to avoid your child dragging home too many cases of the cold, a balaclava is a good investment. The hat is easy to wear under a helmet, and once your boy realises how much it warms him, he will begin to put it on himself.  
At POMPdeLUX, we sell the finest balaclavas for boys. The hats are made from soft merino wool, which gives your child the best possible protection against the elements. You can choose hats in different colours, and we are sure that you can find one to match your child's outerwear. While your boy can enjoy getting warm around the ears and neck, you can enjoy the smart design which adorns all our hats.

Balaclavas for boys who love being outside

Children love to be outside and, with the right clothing, they can play outside all year. Teach them to rejoice and marvel at nature and take them into the woods or to the beach. Nature is one big playground for children, and a stick can quickly become a sword or a gun. Wrap up your boy in outerwear and balaclava, and send him out to play. There is plenty of space and room for the imagination to flourish.

Do not forget the hat 

Did you know that the head actually holds a great deal of body heat? A hat is very important on those chilly days. A balaclava helps keep your boy warm, and when playing outside is a good experience, he will want to do it for a long time.