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POMPdeLUX hats and mittens for boys

With POMPdeLUX hats and mittens, there are no more cold fingers and frozen ears. Treat your boy to a nice soft hat to match his outerwear, and a pair of gorgeous mittens that keeps his fingers warm, whether he is out on his bike or playing outdoors.
At POMPdeLUX, we offer a wide selection of hats and mittens for boys. There is ample opportunity to find a set which both matches the season’s outerwear and is to your boy’s liking. All our hats and mittens are made in soft, comfortable materials that can withstand being used again and again.

Gorgeous mittens for the little fingers

Whether your boy still naps in the pram or loves biking, a pair of gorgeous mittens are a must in any wardrobe. Especially as the colder days approach. Choose from our large selection of hats and mittens for boys on this page, and if you find several favourites, keep in mind that a spare set is always a good thing to have.
You never know when your boy will come home without his hat or with mittens so muddy, they need a visit to the washing machine. 

Hats and mittens for perky boys

Children love to play outside, whether in summer or winter. But clearly, it is more fun if they do not freeze or get wet. With the right outfit, your boy can get lots of good hours in the open, even if it is freezing cold or raining outside. Do not forget to buy a warm hat and a gorgeous pair of mittens for the winter wardrobe. Otherwise, your boy will quickly get stuck in his play and come inside with icy fingers or ears.