Boy Basics

POMPdeLUX basic clothing for boys

A basic wardrobe for your child is made up by many different pieces of clothing. In fact, even more than you can imagine before you get your first child. If you have a boy, do not forget to buy gorgeous leggings. Leggings are great to have, both for little girls and boys as they crawl, and generally when they play on the floor a lot.
Leggings fit closely to your child's legs, and there is therefore no chance that they crawl up the leg and leave a cold area of bare skin. Leggings for boys from POMPdeLUX all have elastic waists, leaving room for both small and large bellies, and the fine wooden buttons make our leggings resemble regular trousers for boys.

Cool basic items for boys

Like all other clothing for your child, basic items should be gorgeous. This includes everything from leggings to body stockings or socks. Our leggings for boys are no exception. Here, you get smart leggings in a fashionable design that fits your child perfectly and feels nice to wear. Keeping a wardrobe full of POMPdeLUX children’s clothing should be a pleasure for both you and your child. 

Your child must also like our clothes

When designing clothes for the little ones, comfort is everything. Children’s clothes should not be scratchy or tight anywhere - that will easily result in dissatisfied and uncomfortable children. Our basic clothing is comfortable for your child to wear, and many of the gorgeous, soft materials that we use feel silky soft against your baby's skin. If, for example, you look at our leggings, you will soon discover how soft they are - even after wash after wash.