Boy Shorts

POMPdeLUX shorts for boys

Warm temperatures equal shorts weather. Shorts give your child a lot of freedom of movement and are also easy to wear when it is hot outside. Treat your boy to a pair of gorgeous POMPdeLUX shorts that are wonderful to wear and make running around in the garden or jumping on the trampoline a breeze.
At POMPdeLUX, we have a wide selection of shorts for boys. Yellow, green, striped or patterned - common to them all is that they are made in a smart design and feel soft and comfortable against your boy's skin. Clothes should not only be pleasing to the eye - but also be comfortable. That way, both you and your boy will be happy about the new pieces of clothing in the closet. 

Shorts for zesty boys

Most boys come with a healthy dose of energy. Match your boy's joy of life and high level of activity with a pair of zesty shorts. Choose a pair of shorts with bright colours or with smart and vibrant prints. Tone them down with a uni-coloured T-shirt or spice it up even more with a shirt with prints and colours.

Playful jungle print or denim look?

We find many names for those we love. This also applies POMPdeLUX shorts for boys. Whether you are looking for a pair of uni-coloured shorts for your boy which can be combined with a white shirt, or a pair of shorts to be muddied up and played wild games in at day care, you will find it on this page.
Let your boy enjoy the good fit and the soft material, while you can enjoy seeing your child in the smart design that characterises POMPdeLUX’ children’s clothing.