Sports trousers

Boy Sports trousers

POMPdeLUX tracksuit trousers for boys

If your boy fell in love with a new sport, get him a nice pair of training trousers that leave room for movement. POMPdeLUX tracksuit trousers for boys are all made in a soft and elastic sports quality that not only offers optimum mobility, but also gives the skin room to breathe.
Our tracksuit trousers are all made in a smart design that makes the trousers fit for a multitude of purposes. Your boy can not only use them when he needs to be physically active at practice. He can easily wear them for everyday life, in school or at day care. In fact, the soft quality is quite addictive - and hard to get your boy out of again.

Joggers for the active boy

Whether you have a boy with ants in his pants or a more quiet type, a pair of tracksuit trousers are a hit. The soft elastic quality makes them wonderful to wear - whether for running or playing music. Joggers are also lovely to relax in for a moment of domestic, family bliss on a Sunday afternoon. Do not forget to stick them in your suitcase when you go on holiday. Or you can easily get unpopular. 

Joggers for boys with smart details

With elastic and drawstring waists, you get a pair of tracksuit trousers that fit any boy. The trousers are packed with clever details in the form of print on one pocket and a handy back pocket. Use them for the weekly football practice, the daily school or the relaxing hours on weekends and during holidays - there are plenty of opportunities to wear them.