Boy Sweatpants

POMPdeLUX sweatpants for boys

Do gorgeous, soft trousers that are comfortable to wear and offer a lot of freedom of movement sound like music to your ears? Your children feel the same way. If you have an active boy who does not sit still for many hours of the day, a pair of POMPdeLUX sweatpants is an obvious choice.
Sweatpants are not just wonderful to wear. Thanks to their excellent fit and soft material, they do not inhibit your boy in his many physical activities. There are plenty of freedom of movement for playing ball in the garden with dad or building hideouts in the woods. Do make sure to have several pairs of sweatpants for boys in stock - they will quickly become your boy's wardrobe favourites. 

Sweatpants for boys in different colours

If you are looking for trousers for everyday use at school or in day care, at POMPdeLUX we have a broad selection. Our sweatpants come in many different colours and with different details. Does your boy have his own collection of rocks? Then pick a pair of sweatpants with side pockets that can be filled with exciting finds from nature.
Pockets are fun and exciting for children - you can keep the most curious things in a trouser pocket or jacket pocket. 

Practical drawstring and elastic waist

All our sweatpants for boys have an elastic waist. This makes them easy to get on and off - even when in a hurry. Several of our trousers have a handy drawstring in the waist which is not just decorative, but also makes it possible to tighten the trousers. Plus, it is a golden opportunity to practice tying knots and loops.