Boy Coverall

POMPdeLUX coveralls for boys

A snowsuit is ideal for active children who love to frolic outside in all weathers. A snowsuit does not part on the middle, and you can be sure that your boy stays completely dry. Even if he were to stumble upon an inviting puddle or pool of mud.
At POMPdeLUX, you can choose from a large selection of snowsuits for boys. Whether you are looking for a softshell All-In-One or an overall, you will find it here. There is something for everyone – and something for every live wire.

Coveralls for boys with nice details

All our snowsuits for boys are packed with functional details. The thick straps under the feet make sure the snowsuit does not crawl up the leg all the time, pockets provide space for exciting discoveries or warming little fingers, and some of our snowsuits have extra lining on the bottom or at the knees. That way, your child will not wear their clothes as much – even if they crawl on all fours on the slabs or take a lot of trips down the roller coaster.
Our softshell All-In-Ones are all made from a water-repellent material, and they keep the wind out. They are perfect for the transitional period when your child needs to be dressed practically to withstand a bit of everything, but still does not need outerwear with thick lining.

Practical and warm coveralls

Our padded all-in-ones help your child keep warm when you are going out with the pram or push-chair. With a snug all-in-one, your boy can enjoy the ride without freezing and growing impatient in the pram, and there is no need to worry about how much clothing you need to wrap your child in anymore.