Shell jackets and shell pants

Boy Shell jackets and shell pants

POMPdeLUX shell jackets and shell trousers for boys

Shell jackets and trousers are ideal for wet and windy weather. Shell clothing is a luxury version of waterproofs, and if your boy needs to be dressed for puddle jumping or a dance in the rain, he is optimally equipped with POMPdeLUX shell jackets and trousers. We carry a wide selection of different colours for both younger and older children.
On a rainy day, you cannot send your boy to day care or school without a set of waterproofs in your bag. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, and of course your child should be allowed to play outside in nature every day. With our shell jackets and trousers for boys, you can be sure that your boy stays warm and dry - even in heavy rain.

Functional shell jackets and trousers for boys

Not only do our shell jackets and trousers keep your boy dry in the rain. The functional outerwear is also packed with great features that provide maximum comfort to your child. Your boy can warm his cold fingers using the practical storm flap with a hole for the thumb, and the luminous reflectors keep your child safe in traffic. 

Outerwear for the active boy

Healthy children are active children. With a shell jacket and trousers, your child can come out to play football and climb trees regardless of the weather. Movement is an important prerequisite for your child's well-being, and it is therefore imperative that you help your child find joy in being outdoors by buying functional and comfortable outerwear. Outerwear that stays tight and is nice to wear.