Boy Waistcoats

POMPdeLUX gilets for boys

A gilet adds warmth to your boy's upper body and gives him a smart and fresh look. A gilet is great to wear over a sweater or a sweatshirt on a cold morning, and it gives your boy optimal freedom of movement if he is getting on his bike every morning to go to school or day care.
At POMPdeLUX, we love gilets. They are perfect to wear over the jersey on a windy day, and that applies to both children and adults. Treat your boy to a smart POMPdeLUX gilet – it will be his preferred choice as he heads out the door from day one. Who knows, maybe his little or older brother would like one as well?

Help your child keep warm

In the transitional period between seasons, it may be particularly difficult to figure out what clothes you need to dress your child in. Is it too cold to go without a jacket? And too hot to wear one? A gilet is a great happy medium. It keeps your child warm without him getting too hot, and it offers lots of air under the wings. 

Gilet for boys with full freedom of movement

A POMPdeLUX gilet for boys is not tight anywhere, and it does not produce sweltering heat on a warm day. In a gilet, your boy can frolic freely, and there is nothing in the way of either climbing trees or jumping on the trampoline. Your boy will love the sense of freedom in a gilet, while you can enjoy the smart and fresh look a gilet creates.