Boy Hoodies

POMPdeLUX hoodies for boys

A hoodie is a hooded sweater. A smart and warm sweater with a hood, of which the older boys in particular are fans. Keeping warm on a cool day is easy with a hoodie, and it is perfect to wear in the morning when leaving for school by bike. Hoodies for boys have a nice loose fit which makes them relaxing and comfortable sweaters. 
At POMPdeLUX, we have hoodies for boys in different models and colours. All our hoodies have a wonderful fit which is rather loose, and you can choose hoodies with or without zips. If your boy likes to stick his hands in his pockets, pick a model with side pockets, and if he is into cool letter print, get him one of those.

Hoodies for boys who want to look good

The older your children get, the more aware they are of the clothes they put on every morning. If you have a selective boy who wants to be involved in deciding which clothes are on the shelves in his wardrobe, pick clothes based on his tastes and interests. Buy clothes in his favourite colours and, if hoodies are his thing, fill the wardrobe with smart hoodies.

Soft and adjustable hood

A hoodie is always equipped with a hood. At POMPdeLUX, a hood is not just a hood. It has to be nice to put on, and we therefore prefer our hoodies with soft and gorgeous lining – including the hood. In addition, we made sure that your boy can tie up the hood with the adjustable strings at the neck if he wants.