Boy Sweaters


On a cool day there is nothing better than a soft, comfy sweater. With sweaters from POMPdeLUX, your child will be dressed for every occasion. We have a good selection of sizes and colours so that you can always find something that’s right for your boy.
In the cooler months it is always nice to have at least one warm and comfy sweater which you can throw on over a long sleeve top or T-shirt. At POMPdeLUX we are always on top of the latest trends in children's fashion, and you can be sure that your boy will look great in a sweater from POMPdeLUX.

Always warm and comfortable

At POMPdeLUX, quality comes first. If you get your boy a sweater from POMPdeLUX, he will not get cold. The wool ensures that your boy stays warm. Because we have such high standards for the quality of our pieces, your boy's new sweater will last to be used again and again. Children love playing outside and with a nice sweater from POMPdeLUX, you can send your child out to play on a chilly day in good conscience.