Little Girl

POMPdeLUX clothes for little girls

Here you will find clothes for little girls in sizes from 80 to 104.
POMPdeLUX’s collection includes everything from everyday, practical bodysuits, trousers and T-shirts to festive lacy tops, ruffled skirts and floral dresses.
At POMPdeLUX you will find feminine girls' clothes with the most beautiful details. Gold glitter, sequins, lace and ruffles have a firm place in our collections.

Mix & Match for girls

The Mix & Match concept plays a major role in POMPdeLUX's collections.
The Mix & Match concept makes it possible to put together great outfits across all our collections, with our delicate designs in beautiful and feminine colours. The Mix & Match concept and the great quality of our clothes are what make POMPdeLUX styles last for several years.

Good quality for the littlest ones

Good quality is especially important when it comes to children's clothing. The quality ensures better comfort for your child as well as more durable materials, so that your child can safely crawl, run and climb.
At POMPdeLUX you will find tops in soft organic cotton, bodysuits in lovely merino wool and other great girls' clothes.