Girl Accessories

POMPdeLUX accessories for girls

Dresses, blouses and trousers are not the only things your daughter's wardrobe should hold - you cannot forget the accessories. The right accessories make all the difference. A polka dotted headband, a bag with flowers or a pair of tights in a dusty hue creates a nice unity to the outfit - as well as a cute little twist.
At POMPdeLUX, we have put together a wide selection of accessories for girls so you can beautify your girl's wardrobe with accessories that are both practical and beautiful at the same time.

Floral accessories for girls

Among our accessories, you will find fine, floral POMP bags that are good and roomy. If your girl is going to gymnastics or football, throwing the boots, clothes and other training equipment into the bag is easy. It is an easy way to transport the necessary items back and forth between home and training.
She can also use it when she is off to play at a friend’s, in case she needs some things to play with from her room. The bags are made from a water repellent material, so there is no danger that the contents of the bag get wet and ruined.

Accessories make everyday life easier

All our accessories help you and your daughter to make everyday life easier. With a pair of tights in a good and soft quality, your girl gets lots of freedom of movement for crawling around on the ground or climbing trees.
Sometimes, play can be wild, and girls’ hair can quickly get in their face and make things more difficult. Give your daughter a headband or a hair clip in her hair - it both looks sweet and is particularly convenient because it keeps the hair in place.