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Girl Hats and mittens

POMPdeLUX hats and mittens for girls

When the cold months are approaching, hats and mittens are must-haves in your child's wardrobe. This applies to both the little ones and big teenagers. Because who likes having freezing fingers on the bike in the morning, or playing outside with icy ears?
At POMPdeLUX, we have a large selection of hats and mittens for girls, and there is something for everyone. Whether you need a practical hat to keep your baby warm in the pram, or a smart hat for your teen to wear on the way to school in the morning, you will find it here. 

Fashionable hats for older and younger girls

A hat is not just a hat. It warms the little ears and helps your child stay warm in the cold, but a hat is also a great accessory which adds that finishing touch to your child's outfit. So, take the opportunity to spice up your child's outfit with a gorgeous POMPdeLUX hat that both retains heat and is made in a stylish and modern design.
If you buy one of our hats for your girl, you can be sure that she will want to wear it when she leaves in the morning, and you will not have to worry about her ears freezing.

Gorgeous and practical mittens for girls

With POMPdeLUX mittens, there will be no more cold fingers. All our mittens are made in a nice, soft material which not only ensures that your child can keep warm, but also makes wearing mittens a pleasure. Choose from the many stylish mittens for girls here on the site and find your favourite. If choosing is too difficult, luckily keeping an extra pair in the drawer is a great thing to do.