Girl Tights

POMPdeLUX tights for girls

Girls’ clothing should be comfortable to wear as they play or romp their way through the day in day care or school. This also applies to your daughter's tights. They should be soft and comfortable to wear all day long.
At POMPdeLUX, we have taken care of that, and you can therefore choose from a wide selection of tights for both older and younger girls. Go exploring among the many beautiful colours and cute patterns and pick the ones that best fit your girl's wardrobe. 

Tights for girls with a focus on comfort

A long day of fun and play requires the fit of the clothes to be dead on. Therefore, we have a selection of tights for girls which are neither too tight at the foot or around the waist. The soft quality and good fit offers optimum freedom of movement for your girl - and actually almost feels as if she is not wearing them.
Not only are the tights comfortable to wear, they also add a modern look. They complement a cute dress or a pair of shorts very well. You see, with a pair of tights in a beautiful colour she can easily wear a pair of shorts or a skirt even in the colder months.

Clothes that can withstand being washed over and over again

Common to all our tights for girls is that they are made from a soft, comfortable cotton material. It feels nice against your daughter's skin. But our tights are also made for the active life, where they quickly get dirty.

Therefore, you can wash your daughter's tights over and over again, without them becoming uncomfortably stiff to wear or losing shape and colour.