Girl Trousers

POMPdeLUX trousers for girls

On this page, you will find trousers in all possible and impossible shapes and colours and in different designs to match both your and your girl's requirements. Because even if skirts and dresses are cute to look at, trousers are a completely essential part of a functioning wardrobe for girls - and this is regardless of age.
Having gorgeous trousers for your girl is important: They can be worn all year round, they are practical and they can encourage both play and comfort - and most importantly, they’re uncomplicated! A pair of trousers and a cute blouse or T-shirt, and your little girl is ready to conquer the world. 

Trousers for girls in many different styles

On this page you will find trousers for girls in a myriad of different styles. That means you will quickly find just what you need, whether that is chic leggings, jeans, trousers for finer occasions with ruffles or practical ones, perfect for day care or a cosy walk in the woods. We strive to always offer you trousers in great materials and with a good and comfortable fit, allowing you to easily find the perfect trousers for your girl.

Trousers with room for play and movement

Trousers are perfect for all kinds of games and activities, and on this site you will find only trousers in exquisite materials. We have gone for trousers with the right amount of elasticity and comfort, ensuring that your child can always feel comfortable. Whether you are looking for a pair of practical trousers for everyday use, or more fashionable ones for festive occasions, you will find them here easily.