Girl Fleece

POMPdeLUX fleece for girls

Fleece is a warm and soft material that is very comfortable. If your daughter needs a new, warm T-shirt or jacket, we have a lovely selection of stylish fleece jackets for girls. Fleece is perfect for adding extra warmth. During the winter, fleece is perfect under a snowsuit or winter jacket, and in the summer, a fleece jacket can be used as a light jacket in dry weather.

Smart and warm fleece for girls

POMPdeLUX fleece jackets are not only soft and comfortable. They also have a stylish and unique look. We love beautiful details that create the chic look that POMPdeLUX is known for. Our fleece is available in a selection of nice colours, so you can find the one that matches your daughters wardrobe.

Fleeces which your girl will love

The high quality of our fleece makes the clothes extra soft and nice. Therefore, your girl will love her new fleece clothe, and it will be difficult for her to live without it, when it needs to be washed - unless it is quickly ready for use again. Let your daughter use her new fleece as a cardigan or a light jacket. There are so many possibilities, and the long-lasting fleece will last for several seasons.