Girl Sweatshirts

POMPdeLUX sweatshirts for girls

A sweatshirt is good to have in your wardrobe for both older and younger children. The thick material which a sweatshirt is made from makes it nice and snug to wear and ideal as an extra sweater in your bag. Being cold is never fun - and who can concentrate at school or day care with goose bumps on their arms?
At POMPdeLUX, you will find a wide selection of beautiful sweatshirts for girls. Our sweatshirts are packed with beautiful details that make each individual style stand out. You will find sweatshirts for the youngest of girls, but also for the older school children, and you can choose between both short-sleeved and long-sleeved models.

Casual sweatshirts with a stylish look

Our sweatshirts have a casual design and the material is soft and comfortable. Your child will enjoy putting on a sweatshirt on a cold morning, and if the sweatshirt gets too hot during the day, your girl can simply take it off. If your girl has a T-shirt with a cool design, that is too nice to be covered up on a chilly day, a sweatshirt with a zip closure is the perfect choice to stay warm.
Dress your little girl in a nice sweatshirt with ruffled sleeves and wrinkle details. Older girls would also love a stylish sweatshirt from our collection. Choose a casual, neutral sweatshirt or a more feminine model – you will definitely find something for your daughter.

Soft and warm sweatshirts

POMPdeLUX sweatshirts are all made in a modern design and of a great quality. The good fit ensures that your girl can move freely and perform all the necessary daily activities. Wearing clothes does not get any better than with our gorgeous, soft children’s clothing.