Girl Wool


If your girl needs a little bit more spoiling, you should get her pieces in wool. Our beautiful styles in soft merino wool are perfect for all seasons. In winter they are perfect for using as underwear because they keep your girl warm, and in the summer they are some of the nicest materials to clothe your girl in because merino wool absorbs moisture. This means she won’t feel uncomfortable if she gets hot and starts to sweat. This is because merino wool is a natural material that lets the skin breathe.
Deliciously soft and comfortable to wear. With our styles in temperature-regulating merino wool, you can be sure that your girl will always be comfortable and that she can play outside without getting cold.

Soft styles in wool

It is no coincidence that wool has become so popular. If you are going skiing, you might want to use our merino wool styles by POMPdeLUX as ski underwear. This will keep your girl warm in the snow. Merino wool has many good qualities. It is temperature-regulating, it absorbs moisture and it is also soft and comfortable to wear. With beautiful merino wool styles, you can safely send your girl outside to play.