Underwear and nightwear

At POMPdeLUX we believe that all children deserve underwear and nightwear, which is super soft and nice to wear and at the same time have a quality that makes it durable despite frequent use and thus frequent washing. POMPdeLUX exclusively uses soft materials of the finest quality which children love to wear throughout the day. All our nightwear and underwear for boys will therefore be made according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are of course also GOTS certified. The basic ideas behind POMPdeLUX underwear and nightwear for boys are not limited to the individual items, only to be soft and comfortable against the skin, but also must have the same charm, fabulous colour scheme and particular style as all our other children’s clothes have. The collection of nightwear and underwear for boys contains both undershirts, boxer shorts, pajamas and overalls - everything guys in size 62 cm to 170 cm need at night and during the day. A few models are available in limited sizes.