It's beautiful accessories that add the famous finishing touch to a girl’s outfit. It can be hard to practice restraint when it comes to accessories, and not all girls agree that ‘less is more’ – they would like to put their own stamp on the day’s outfit, and that is possible with our beautiful POMPdeLUX accessories. We have everything you could wish for – and we mean EVERYTHING. You can find all from tights, socks, leggings, swimwear, swimming suits, bikinis, hair accessories, braces and belts, to mittens, hats, scarves and bags. Most of these items are first and foremost entirely practical, but on top of that, they are decorative, pulling an outfit together and giving it a personal twist. Our accessories are highly sought after, and that is mostly because they are both to parents’ and children’s taste. It’s our wish that all of our accessories inspire girls both big and small to create great looks.