POMPdeLUX also think of the cute little details when it comes to socks for girls in shoe sizes 20 to 38. We sell our socks in an economical package containing two matching pairs. You can buy them with a clear conscience, even though they are not expensive. All POMPdeLUX socks are Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified, so they are good for both the environment and for your child. We always have different cute girls’ socks in a good length in stock, both with lace patterns and completely plain knitted. The colours are carefully matched with the rest of the collection, so the socks match 100% with the other POMPdeLUX girls’ clothes. They are of course soft socks in a comfortable quality, and their elastic border is not too tight. POMPdeLUX socks are also a great gift idea for children’s birthdays, because they are anything but boring, and have a feminine design with e.g. patterns or a touch of copper woven in.