Leggings are nothing less than a brilliant invention, and our imagination is the only actual limit to how they can be used. Leggings are both beautiful and practical, and can be worn under a dress, skirt or shorts. They give a little more warmth and a more modern look than tights do, but are just as soft and flexible to wear. POMPdeLUX girl leggings are available in a wide variety of wonderful colours, and they run from size 62 cm to 170 cm. They fit right into any girl’s wardrobe. The colours are taken directly from our POMPdeLUX palette, so they can be combined with other styles in all conceivable ways. All girls love wearing leggings and combined with e.g. a vest and a long-sleeved blouse, they make it possible to wear a cute summer dress even on more chilly days. Leggings are just a great way to make many kinds of girls’ clothing more useful.