Skirts are just sweet and feminine and without a doubt many girls’ undisputedly favourite clothes. POMPdeLUX takes great pleasure in creating an ocean of skirts from size 62 cm to size 170 cm. Choose from many adorable skirts in different lengths, amazing cuts and beautiful colours. Pay attention to all the special details – tulle, prints, bows and other goodies that help to make POMPdeLUX skirts unique and pretty, but never over-decorated or totally impractical. We have practical and simple skirts for everyday use, but we also have skirts for when you want to go all-in and be really festive. We have of course as always thought of how to match and combine tops and bottoms. Our tights, leggings, tops, blouses, etc. can be used to create endless opportunities to make great combinations and create personalised POMPdeLUX outfits that exactly fit your child’s taste, while at the same time accommodating your wishes for fashionable and sensible girls’ clothing.