Fleece is a great multifunctional material for children’s wear. Fleece is light, soft and warm on its own, and an excellent complement to other children’s wear when the cold weather comes. POMPdeLUX has a wide range of fleece for girls in sizes 62 cm to 170 cm. Practical and comfortable spring/autumn jackets, perfect for chilly spring, summer and autumn days. Useful fleece suits and fleece sets to wear under shell trousers and jackets or under a snowsuit, to make sure your girl stays warm in the winter cold or when skiing. Fleece is so nice and soft that all children love to wear it; it often becomes their favourite, and it’s indispensable clothing all year round. In other words: fleece just works! POMPdeLUX fleece for girls is available in several beautiful colours that can easily be matched criss-cross with everything else from POMPdeLUX’ collection of children’s clothing and outerwear to create nice and useful outfits where the shades match and the clothing’s features play well together.