Outerwear is one of the most important elements in your girl’s wardrobe, and something you cannot do without. The seasons change, your little one grows bigger faster than you can imagine, and every season has different requirements and demands on children’s outerwear. POMPdeLUX is ready to meet those demands. We have developed all types of modern jackets for girls in sizes 62 cm to 170 cm, and we always have the jacket suitable for the season, your needs and taste. We have a wide range of beautiful coats for girls and every model is made in a quality that meets POMPdeLUX’ strict standards. All our girls’ jackets are sweet, nice, and have cute features – yet at the same time they are designed to be used often. Durability, functionality and safety is what matters, regardless of which model you choose. POMPdeLUX jackets are a product of genuine Danish design, inside and out and down to the tiniest detail.