It rains often – very often, even – and therefore, good rainwear is just a must in every child’s wardrobe. Many days of the year, rain jackets for girls are quite indispensable, and they should preferably be of a quality that will keep water and wind out. POMPdeLUX rainwear for girls is brilliant in so many ways. It’s nice rainwear where the practical features don’t ruin the fashionable expression. You will get value for money – the quality is high and the price low. There’s no lack of practical features; they can be found in abundance and they help make POMPdeLUX rainwear for girls awesome and functional. We highly recommend taking a closer look at our rainwear, which comes in sizes 62 cm through to 170 cm. Everything is tested thoroughly and we are sure that ours is undoubtedly some of the best and most beautiful raingear on the market; it is durable and can be worn over and over again.