Sweatshirts meet most, if not all, demands both children and parents typically have when it comes to modern clothes. Therefore, POMPdeLUX sweatshirts for girls are always super popular and highly appreciated for all seasons. There are only good things to say about sweatshirts, and we produce them for girls both big and small, from size 62 cm up to size 170 cm. All girls love to wear our sweaters, not only because we use a soft, elastic and lovely fabric for all the different models of jumper, but also because the fitting is always spacious enough for children to be active and play freely. POMPdeLUX sweatshirts for girls are sweet and full of details and they go together beautifully with different kinds of bottoms, ranging from cool jeans to chic trousers and feminine skirts and crinolines. Sweatshirts are relevant throughout the year and therefore a permanent part of our range of girls’ clothing.