Little girls can surely never have too many bodysuits. They are just in use constantly and must be replaced continuously as the little one rapidly grows bigger. POMPdeLUX designs bodysuits for girls from size 62 cm to size 98 cm. Our bodysuits are nice and durable, and they come with both short and long sleeves, whilst also always having practical snap buttons so they are easy to open and close. Our bodysuits are available in both a plain and a patterned version. The styles are well-known, classic and simple, but also girly and sweet. All POMPdeLUX bodysuits are produced according to Oeko-Text standards and they are GOTS-certified. Soft and comfortable against delicate baby skin, they are made out of flexible fabric and have a great fit, so you are guaranteed maximum satisfaction and well-being for your child. Be aware that some of our beautiful bodysuits are sold as a 2-pack.