POMPdeLUX playsuits for boys

Our playsuits for boys are all playfully easy to wear. They are pleasantly soft against your child's skin, and your child can waddle along merrily without the clothes parting at the stomach or being bothersome for the rest of the day. Choose between long-sleeved playsuits for a cold day, or short-sleeved playsuits for a day with warmer temperatures.
POMPdeLUX playsuits for boys come in different prints with boyish colours that will suit any little toddler boy. Changing diapers cannot get any easier than with a convenient playsuit with button closures between the legs. No squirming legs will prevent you access, and you can easily close the suit again when the diaper has been replaced with a clean one. 

Maximum freedom of movement for your child

Freedom of movement is a key word when talking about children. In order for your child to develop optimally and explore the world around him, it is crucial for him to wear clothes that are comfortable and make moving around feel good. Trousers that are too tight across the stomach can be a terrible inconvenience to a small child - and with no language, it is not easy to communicate what the nuisance is.
With POMPdeLUX playsuits for boys, you can be sure that the belly is not squeezed. A playsuit in the appropriate size for your boy allows optimum freedom of movement, and if he is not happy about getting clothes on and off, one way to get around it easily is to dress him in a smart playsuit. 

Playsuits for boys with style

Dress your boy in a smart playsuit in a boyish colour with stripes or prints. Your child will love to have a cute animal printed on the belly of his playsuit, which he can point to again and again. Who knows, his first words might come when you study the child-friendly print together?