Girl Coverall

POMPdeLUX coveralls for girls

When you need outerwear for your girl, a POMPdeLUX snowsuit is an obvious option. The snowsuit is easy for her to get into herself, and there is no danger that the suit will separate. A snowsuit keeps your girl warm and dry – and she cannot suddenly throw her jacket away if she gets the urge to do so on a windy and cold day.
At POMPdeLUX, we offer quality clothing for children. Our outerwear is in high quality materials, and you will find everything you need for your child's wardrobe in our assortment. On this site, you are free to choose between gorgeous snowsuits and All-In-Ones for girls - all designed in a fashionable and stylish design. 

Practical All-In-Ones for girls for the transitional period

Are you unsure how to dress your girl when she is leaving for day care in the morning? With a windproof softshell All-In-One, you can rest assured that the cold wind will not penetrate her clothing, and if a little shower passes by, the water-repellent material will manage that too. The All-In-One suit is not lined, and therefore does not get too hot to wear. Not even if the sun peeks out in the sky. 

A snug coverall for the walk

Once you get your hands on a gorgeous POMPdeLUX overall for your daughter, you will not be able to live without it. The All-In-One is perfect for rolling your girl around in the pram or push-chair. Not only does the overall help keep your daughter warm in any weather - it is also delightfully soft to wear, and easy for you to dress your child in.