Girl Sportswear

Sportswear for indoor and outdoor activities

Having the right sportswear ensures that your child gets the most out of her sports activities. Comfort should be in focus, whether for indoor or outdoor sports. When packing a gym bag, the clothes must both be comfortable and have a good fit. Freedom of movement is paramount, and means that you can safely send off your child knowing she is well-equipped with POMPdeLUX’s sports-inspired collection.

Comfort and material ensure optimum mobility

Exercise is important for your child’s development, and it provides confidence and develops friendships. Young children can easily be stimulated by a visit to the playground or developing fine motor skills in everyday life. Older children also need exercise and movement, whether it is by participating in a weekly hobby or a good brisk walk in the woods. This is why it’s important to create the best possible environment for sports and movement. The right material means that your child can perform at her best while also feeling comfortable.

Sportswear for every need

Sportswear is also for times when relaxation is on the agenda and the body needs rest. Its excellent good comfort means that sportswear is also ideal for relaxing in at home or on the sofa. Not only is it practical, it’s sure to quickly become a favourite with your child.    
The wide selection means that you can always find matching styles whether it’s for relaxation or physical activity.