Wool has so many excellent qualities. It can keep your child warm, it can absorb moisture, and it also allows skin to breathe. Wool can be worn all year round. During winter, wool is amazing at retaining warmth, and during summer it allows the skin to breathe.
Many people feel that wool scratches and irritates their skin, but merino wool is soft and comfortable to wear. POMPdeLUX styles in wool are crafted from the finest merino wool, and it is precisely because it is a natural material that merino wool boasts so many wonderful qualities. 

Wool all year round

Merino wool offers so many benefits. Underwear in merino wool is good in winter. But merino wool is also a great material for summer. A pair of airy leggings or a soft, comfortable bodysuit in wool are ideal choices on a summer’s day because they are light and allow the skin to breathe. Pamper your child with beautiful clothes in merino wool from POMPdeLUX.